<XMP><BODY></xmp> ~*~lil angel~*~

My lil sweet angel was laying across the bed sleeping,I walked into the room and leaned down upon her naked body where I
started kissing her stomach..sliding my tongue across her soft curves...I felt her hand reach up and touch my hair..gently
stroking it...I reached into her leg and ran my fingertips up and down them..watching her body squirm..making me more
excited..known she was ready for me..I lifted myself to her lips..slightly kissing her...guliding my hands across her body as
I deeply kissed her soft lips..my hands moved across her body as I moved down..kissing and licking her neck.....sliding my
fingertips across her breast..feeling she was excited..her nipples so perky at this point..moving down and giving them the
attention so so deserved...running my tongue across her nipple as i hold her other breast..pulling her nipple out so
gentlely..my mouth wants her so much at this point...i start sucking her breast..my tongue rollin across her
nipples..listening to her moans and watching her body movements,i start guiding my hand down..slowly..slowly I wanna enter
her...teasing her throbbing clit with my fingernail...she pushes my head downward..I know right where she wants me BUT..i
want her really ready for me..so I didnt stop at her wetness..licking up and down her legs..sliding my nails over her
body..she screams..baby..i want you now..i glide my tongue across her body more..moving my hand to her pussy...slowly taken 1
finger...wiggling it close..just so she knows i am there...the wetness was dripping already...mhmmm..i do want it so
bad...pushing myself into her...i slide my tongue across her wet pussy...mhmmmmm..this taste..this smell..is so
unbelieveable..im afraid if i get inside her i wont wanna stop..I couldnt take it no more myself..I had to have her..i
wanted to drink her juices deeply..I begain sucking the cum up..oh my ..so sweet....so hot..sliding my tongue deep inside her
wet pussy...reachin up and biting on her clit...alittle did we know...we was being watched..the door started opening and i
sucked harder and harder...sliding 2 fingers in her tight pussy..my lil angel was so wet..so ready for anything...i stopped
and pulled her up as she looked at this man watching...his hard cock in hand..I laid on the bed and brought her over
me...fingering her wet pussy..the man walked up behind her..sliding his cock along her wetness..he has so hard and ready to
bust..as he pumped her pussy a few times I reached up and had her clit..rubbing...spreading her for him...he pulled out and
i reached up and spread her cum along her ass....so wet..so full of cum she was...his cock pludged back into her pussy and he
slide in 2 fingers in her ass...her tongue was going wild inside my wet pussy as well..my lil angel was so damn hot and ready
for all she could get today...as he pulled his fingers out of her ass..his cock entered...slowly he thrushed her ass...i
took 2 fingers deep inside her..pumping her..i felt her gasp inside my pussy and he pumped her ass so hard and deep..she
started sucking so hard on me...entering my pussy with 2 fingers deeply and biting on my clit...my fingers pumped her as
fast.....i whispered to her..cum my angel..i want u happy..i want you fulfilled ..the man slamming in and out of her
ass..deeper and deeper he went..she was ready to explode..i reached my mouth to her wetness..licking and sucking...the man
pulled out and i pulled her close unto my mouth as she began to cum so rapidly...i felt myself exploding and her face deep
inside my pussy as well..the man standing back and cumming all over her back..as I cleaned my angel and she cleaned me..we
both moved side by side...pulling him to us...she grabbed his cock and started sucking hard...as i reached his balls and
started playing...she pulled his cock out and slide it in my mouth..where i sucked him as well....we took turns sucking and
holding his cock so tight ...jacking him as we sucked..he began to cum and we both took his juices...sliding it all over
us..than my angel grabbed me..kissing my lips..licking off the extra cum off my face