<XMP><BODY></xmp> ~*~The Toy Store~*~

Walking into a toystore...feeling so extremely horny..i looked around at all the fun adult toys there was..the sales lady
seem to enjoy my company as she walked and talked with me...showing me all the newest toy around.
.pointing out this double dildo..saying..this looks like fun..with a smile..handing me a dildo..saying..
when you place this one inside you the bead inside moves..touching your walls deep with great pleasure,plus this little thing here is a clit tickler.
.you can get much .sliding the dildo in and out..watching the beads in there movement
as she glanced into my eyes and watched me get very excited..suddenly she was called away..
i walked around looking for others..many to pick from..leaning down..feeling this body pushed against mine.
.a great hardness pressed against my ass..I leaned up..as I looked it was a friend of mine Tom.
he chuckled and said..I beleive i can do you more pleasure hun..he
grabbed my hand and pulled me into the stock room..telling me he was gonna give me a quick exsample.
.rippin my pants off me..placing me into a create..lending down and sliding his tongue deep inside me.
.i felt his fingers exploring..slightly running across my wet pussy..his tongue making deep pludges
inside me as he entered 2 fingers..moving his tongue across my
clit..trying to be quiet as he brought me close to a awesome orgasm..moaning deeply as I begain to explode.
.Tom drinking and suckin my juices away...pulling me up as he sat on create.i leaned in and begain teasing his
cock..circling my tongue across the head..sucking and only licking it..
he squirmed inpatiently as I teased him..suddenly I felt someone grab me from
behind and enter a few fingers inside me..looking around it was the sales clerk..she pludged her tongue inside me
deeply..Tom felt my body quiver as he grabbed me by my hair and placed my face back on his cock
.sucking him
hard and taking him deeper and deeper..the clerk had her fingers deep inside me as she licked and sucked my juices
away..making me suck Tom so much harder..his hand across my head..pushing harder down..sliding his cock deep
inside my mouth..the clerk was called away again..Tom pulling me up..wanting his cock inside me right than.
..lifting my leg and bending me over he entered me hard and fast..pumping me deep.
harder each stroke he took..reaching up and pulling my hair back as he slammed deeper and deeper...i
felt his balls slappin my ass as he pounded my pussy so hard..ready to explode he pushed me down more and he
slammed deep inside my pussy and held it ..
.cum shooting everywhere..he turned me around to face him...pushing
me downward so I could clean off this wet cock..licking and sucking our juices away.as I finished him he was ready for
my pussy..the clerk walked back in..asking Tom to watch the store for a minute...replying..i want her bad,wishing she
had the time..asking Tom..at least let me clean her up..she begain suckin my cum out of my throbbin pussy.her mouth
buried deep inside me..entering 2 fingers begain fucking me hard..i want you to cum for me she asked.
sucking and licking as she banged my wet sore pussy more...i couldnt help from cumming again as I begain shoting cum
rapidly out.she sucked harder and harder..drinking me all...after she cleaned me.she leaned over my face..kissing me
deeply..hands me her # and says..i want you soon..call me !! we walked
out and i said my byes to all..leaving a very happy lady..