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Yes Mistress

The smell of the candles mix with the smell of the leather,
as i feel the warmth of my restraints
holding me firmly.
i feel the delicious pain aching in my chest
the clamps pinching on my willing nipples.
The velvet darkness
that my beloved blindfold brings
cushions all and yet heightens my experience.
Masters hand caressing, then striking
i know not which i prefer
my senses soar, as i feel the pain
then i feel the pleasure,
my heart quickening, my pleasure building
i hear the swish before the pain,
followed by engulfing warmth
i feel the tightening of my skin
redness grows in uniform stripes,
the cane lands once more.
my breathing fast
my head spins
i feel my love juices rise.
i long for release
But not from my restraints
my sexual need
being fulfilled
i am a submissive whose needs are unique.
The need to submit
the need to serve,
and yet i need more.
Am i a masochist?
This word is so taboo
and yet the pain i submit to
takes me beyond the normal sexual pleasure.
Takes me to a place
a place so addictive
like a drug-induced state
i float.
my body is no longer part of me
i feel no pain
i feel no restrictions
all i feel is total pleasure.