<XMP><BODY></xmp> ~*~Burning Desire~*~

Girlz Night Out Girls called...LET'S US GIRLS GO OUT TONIGHT....I said.. what the hell..lets go..all agreeing to dress in a skirt and heels. .I got ready and picked up my girlfriend..we drove to your other friends place some miles away...each of us looking so hot,heading for the club.
..we danced all night long and had a few drinks..but sadly time was closing time..I took our friends home and we started heading home.
.Driving down the interstate I felt her hand go up my skirt,hearing my stockings rip and feeling my panties sliding to the side.
.i felt her enter my pussy with a finger..I looked over at her..she simple smiled and started fingering me deeper..leaning over kissing my neck,
whispering softly..I know you want me as I want you..I could verly drive..feeling her add another finger..plunging both hard in me...
I looked over and she was touching herself as well..I saw a rest stop ahead...finding the darkest spot I pulled in and parked..
.she leaned closer and my seat went back...she started fingering me fast and deep..forcing me upward into the seat till I was almost in the back.
.her mouth cloverd my pussy as i felt her tongue flickering across my clit as her fingers pumped me hard and rapidly,reaching up and pulling on my nipples..
.Oh gawd..i cant take much more..im ready to explode in her mouth..I spread my legs wider and pushed her face in..damn baby..suck me harder.
..she started biting softly on my clit and fucking my pussy so deep..I threw back my head and yelled HARDER...cumming so hard .
.i felt her tongue licking me up..hearing her suck my cum made me hotter than I was...after cleaning up my juices she came up,sliding her tongue inside my
mouth...kissing deeply as both was fondling one anothers breast...pulling and pinching the others nipples..I stopped..pushing myself back and making my backseat
lay down...pulling her back with me...I leaned in and kissed her...looking at her...its my turn now babygrl..pulling her hands above her head.
.using my tore stockings..i tie her to my bar in back...pulling her top wide open and taking her skirt off...you wont be needing this soon..
.i leaned down and started sucking on her nipples that was so hard...running my tongue across them..biting her nipples..sliding my hand down between her
legs..forcing them apart...my fingers slowly entered her...oh babygrl is so wet i see...mhmmm...asking her..you want me? she moaned and said oh gawd yes.
..leaning in and sucking hard on her nipples...pulling and teasing her...i started sliding my tongue down her body..my fingers was getting so wet....i got to her wet
dripping pussy...sliding my tongue across it...mhmmmm..so sweet..so hot..i let her feel my tongue and me sucking for a minute and stopped...spreading her lips
apart...i take my mouth and start sucking her juices out...gawd i wish my face could go deeper...sliding her your clit...biting it as i fingered her more...I looked
up..come on babygrl..i want more of your cum....i sit up as i fingered her tight pussy...sliding my fingers in and out..spreading her cum across her..
fingers sliding to her ass...hearing her moan I knew what she wanted...i ordered her to lift her legs and she did right away...starting to beg me..
please take me..sliding her cum across her ass..i slide a finger inside her ass..oh my..so tight...fingering her slowly, i leaned in and kissed her pussy..
.sucking some more juices...i felt her tight ass relax some so i entered another finger...i started fucking her ass faster and faster as she got so wet..
.entering my 3nd finger deeply inside her ass...I took my other hand and started fucking her pussy..wishing i had some of my toys with me at this point.
.so wet..so hot she was..she started begging to taste me again..so i turned and gave her my pussy..grinding across her face i felt her tongue going
deep...mhmmmmm..i pulled her pussy deep on my face..sucking her cum..she started exploding ..i just wanted to drink all of her..was so exciting i busted.
..covering her mouth with my cum..so licked and sucked all of me up...i went back and finished her up again..sliding back up on her body.
.stopping at her so hard nipples..pulling them out with my teeth,grabbing so tight...pulling..sliding up..pussy to pussy..i grind on her some more..
leaning in and giving her a kiss...telling her..next time babygrl..i will be ready for you and your playtime...sliding my hand down again ...rubbing her wet pussy.
..oh yes..my babygrl is still horny,she tasted so good so I wanted her more..releasing her hands from the stockings I went back down..sucking hard on her
pussy...come on babygrl..cum for me again..i felt her hands force my head in her pussy deeper as she exploded...telling me ..suck me baby.
.clean your babygrl up good..sucking till there was no more,but i was still hungry for the taste of her...i came up and said to her..there will be more of this.
.gave her a kiss and said..lets get dressed and head home baby...