<XMP><BODY></xmp> ~*~Desire n Passion~*~

I sit and ponder,awaiting for my turn to love him again..pulling me closer and than slamming the door in my dreams..taking
me to the point where I cant take it no more...Fulfilling my desires..the passion burning inside my body..I sit and look deep
into the moment where I catch msyelf touching my body..thinking of his touch,his smell..his strong arms pulling me to
him..The way he kisses my body and lips..Driving me over the edge..I hang on tight..feeling my body ready to explode..Wanting
and begging for more and more...Why cant I get enough of him..is it the passion..the lust..pulling me in each moment we are
together..his hands touching my body..I fill his strength..his love..his deepest desires burning within my very own soul..I
reach out and try to take ahold of his thoughts..what can I do to please him more..he is my energy of life..he turns me into
who I am..sliding his hands across my body,touching my soul through his fingertips..I wonder..how can I make him feel this
passion..this desire..as i glide my hands across his body..kissing and licking all over...watching him squirm and listening
to his soft moans of desire..knowing I am inside of him at this point..let me take you to the top, where you have put me so
many times before..hold on to this moment..close your eyes and simply enjoy what i offer you..I think to myself...i only
want him to feel as I feel when its him pleasing me..Like heaven above..nothing else matters at this point of time..close
your eyes..let me inside your soul..let me take you to that extreme you have taken me so many times I pray...