<XMP><BODY></xmp> ~*~Daddy's lil grl~*~

I sneaked out one night,thinking i was so clever...little behold did I know daddy had a video cam set up
to watch me in my room...I went out and meet this very well endowed man..he filled me with cum in every hole you
could find...sending me home full of cum..as I sneaked back inside my window..closing it..suddenly my light came on..
there was daddy standing there what a frown on his face..looking at me he replied...so you wanna good be a slut...
demanding i walk to him..I walked slowly as i watched him glare at my body..I reached daddy and he started ripping
off my clothes..I knew better than to move ,but i tried..grabbing me my my hair and pulling me naked..I told there
with tears in my eyes...Daddy...pls I am sorry..daddy looked at me said replied..you are such a slut..my beautiful
angel out giving everyone that pussy..reaching down and feeling my wettness..sliding his hand to my ass...you whore..
you gave him my ass...pulling me to my knees by my hair...reaching around and slappin my face..raising his voice..now
you will see what a whore you are..grabbing his leash and walking me...come on bitch..yes i said bitch..a female whore dog
you will give that ass and pussy to anyone..and now i will and am gonna give your slut ass what you so dream of..I looked
at daddy with such fear..begging him to stop...daddy grabbed my leash and pulled me up..bending me over my bed...suddenly
I felt something across my ass...daddy was swatting me so hard...take it my angel...i know your begging for this all...
i felt his hand come between my legs....as he rammed in 3 fingers hard..yelling..spend your legs now..i opened wide for
daddy..having his hand pressed into my pussy..reaching up and yacking my hair..relax that puss now he demand....i closed
my eyes and pictured beautiful things..as he rammed 4 fingers inside me deep...than i felt his other hand spreading my ass apart...
daddy started laughing...my slut is all lubed...sliding 3 fingers in ass and he fucked my pussy so hard and rapidly..
..i was scared to cry...scared to yell..i felt my pussy being fucked so hard as well as my ass...daddy stopped,
your such a slut...you was just fucked and getting wetter and wetter with daddy fucking you more....spankin my ass so hard...
daddy has to discipline you some how..you know i love you my precious princess...yacking my leash and dragging me off the
bed..pulling me downstairs into the basement..i saw lights burning softly...i cant see nothing thou..what are you doing
daddy..daddy reached around and slapped my face...i own you..you are my property he yelled...daddy pushed me against the
wall..forcing his body against mine...pulling my leash so tight..daddy yells..hold your hands above your head now..as i do i feel his hands pushing mine and hear a
click..daddy..what was that..i wiggled,but was restrainted to wall..daddy kneels in front me..spreading my legs wide apart.
..so fucking that used pussy and ass was pleasure i see...lets see what kind of punishment daddy can give this lil slut of mine.
..i felt his hands cup my breast..as he started biting my nipples..pulling so hard...reaching for something i felt..than feeling my nipples being pinched so hard..
i yelled from the tightness..daddy laughed and said..yell all you want slut..no one will hear you..daddy kneeled in front of me.
..placing clothspins on my pussy lips..the pain..the pleasure..gawd daddy..what are you doing..i felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter.
..i heard a noice..asking daddy..what is that..he replied..my princess...you will see..daddy bought you something special..and that pussy is so wet and drippn.
..the noice stopped and daddy kneeled again...i felt his loving tongue run across my wet pussy..sucking my hot cum out of me...my angel,my life.
.you are my energy to staying alive...i felt something slide under me..what is that i asked..daddy bought u something special princess.
.but i think it need to be alittle bigger..i was so puzzled...suddenly i heard a noice..a machine running as i felt this huge thing go inside my wet pussy.
.slowly..in and out..i moaned..oh gawd daddy..it hurts..pls stop..it started alittle faster..spreading me wide.
.suddenly it started simplely ramming in and out hard and deep...DADDY i yelled..pls stop..you are hurting me..my pussy is so open..
..you reached up and slapped my face...well my lil dirty slut..you wanted sex..you are getting it...daddy reached up and pushed my shoulders down
..forcing this machine to fuck me harder and harder..i screamed so loud..
..no daddy...pls NO..i will save my pussy for you...daddy replied..we will see after i discipline you tonight if you are telling daddy the truth..
.reaching up and pulling on my nipple champs..OH DADDY PLS STOP i yelled...i felt the machine slowing down..i remember thinking..oh thank GOD..
.little did i know..this was only the beginning of the discipline...daddy walked to the wall...suddenly this wall turned into a huge table and i was all laid on and spread
open...he raised my legs wide open into the air...sliding his hand onto my ass..i think this should teach this tight little ass what it feels like to be raped.
.i started crying and daddy yell..just shut up slut..you asked for this all...daddy was taking that huge dildo off machine and placed a smaller one there.
.but still so big...i felt some juices being pour into my pussy and ass...daddy looked at me and said..there my angel..lube you good.
.daddy wants you to always enjoy this..you know i love you baby girl...but you have been a slut...the machine came closer.
.i felt it entering my ass and screamed so loud..GOD help me..this hurt so bad...i felt daddys hand slide across my pussy..
.oh angel..you are loving this i know..entering 4 fingers inside..daddy had stretched my pussy so much...chucklin saying..mhmmm..maybe 4 isnt enough..
i begged daddy to stop..as i felt his hand entering me totally...screaming...daddy stopped..i thought..thank GOD..walking up to me...sliding a gag on me.
.now babygirl..yell all you want..walking back and ramming his hand all the way inside my pussy...i heard daddy moan..he was fucking me with his fist.
.sliding in and out slowly...deeper he went..oh yes slut..you are my property..i will fuck you anyway i want to...i couldnt move.
.i took everything daddy gave me cause i had no choice..he turned the machine in my ass up higher..my ass being boarded out so hard..
..daddy pushing harder inside my pussy..harder..deeper he fucked me..suddenly he stopped..but he had another surprise 4 me...another machime to fuck me.
.oh gawd no i thought...both machines fucking me hard and fast...daddy came onto the table where i was..taking out the gag and shoving his rock hard cock inside
my throat..suck my princess..drink the juices i offer you now..i sucked his cock so hard..as i felt it down in and out of my throat...deeper he pumped.
..daddy started yelling..oh GOD..thats my angel..suck daddy harder..drink me baby girl..i drank my gift from daddy...as he got off and slowed down
machines...slowly stoppin....pulling everything out and off me..daddy grabbed me and kissed my lips..my angel..my princess..you are my life..
.reaching around me..placing a beautiful studded collar on me with diamonds inset into it...now baby girl...get ready for me to bath you...