<XMP><BODY></xmp> Alert Box2 ~*~Burning Desire~*~

Burning Deire
The burning desires inside my body..I crave for his love and touch..My body begged for him.. I have to sit back and watch
his desires for many others..knowning i wasnt all he wanted and craved..
I could only fulfill part of his burning
desires..his desires are deep..his needs are many..I sit back..thinking of the moments I was blessed with his soul..His body

pushed against mine..lips touching,hands running across my body...once his hardness entered my body I was blinded by any
others..feeling his body slap against mine in deep lustful passion he offered me..my body begging for more and more..I cant
seem to get enough of his touch,kiss,his tongue running across my body..the way his body slaps against mine as he
himself with me..Inside my mind I scream..DONT STOP..i dont want this moment to ever end..how can this lustful play
be so
right..why can i sit and think of our playtime and get so moist..I lay across my bed and think of these moments..yes..i have
to touch myself..close my eyes and imagine his hands running across my body,sliding a finger inside
for a toy..i must feel him..closing my eyes and masterbating to his touch..remembering his smell..I break into a deep
masterbation session..pushing inside as he does me,gasping for air as I stroke so hard..feeling him deep...buried inside
me...pludging in and out ..fast and hard strokes...i reach to my breast...pulling and squeezing them...My body rushes to
wanting to explode,slowly down to make myself wait..Dont go yet..enjoy the touch..the feeling i've reached with him
inside my
body..I arch my back as I stroke deeply inside me..reaching my limits of a deep orgasm..grabbing the pillow,sliding it
my own mouth..screaming his name..my body acks for his love again,but what can i do..i lost him to the many desires out
here..no hope of ever being able to fulfill his needs he so much has to have it seems..Not one will ever fulfill him..So i
took what i could of his heart,body & soul..and i will hold the memories and treasure what i was so blessed with..holding him
each night in my dreams as i kiss him good night